A seahorse admiring his own reflection from a divers watch.

I am constantly and carefully observing human beings to understand them and try to decide whether they are ultimately someone I want to spend my time with. I know that I’ll always be disappointed in one way or another but that human beings are forgiving and can redeem themselves in many amazing ways.

Anyways, it’s interesting to hear him say that he had a hard time learning to not trust people, because I heard myself in that. And then I heard myself saying, “I’m too cynical for that kind of mindset,” and it kind of made me sad.

The point is, I think he might be a good human being. He seems pretty open and most importantly he let me stay in bed while he went out to get my favorite coffee in all of New York. That’s worth something, I suppose.

Regram from @sathur56! In the castle at Agropoli

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